Park Terrace House

Project Description

Adjacent to the Avon River, the blackened, single-gabled form of Park Terrace House rises from the streetscape. Driven by the concept of loss and resilience inspired by the earthquake-affected site, the industrial form is softened by textural flemish brickwork dappled with light and shadow from the neighbouring willow trees. The lighting approach seeks to enhance the robust architectural language of the home while highlighting tactile finishes and concealed interior details.

Modular Smart Kup 82 fittings populate the hallway spine, animating the wall linings of stained American oak and hot-rolled steel sheet with a wash of light. Beyond, a calming sun room opens to the landscape. Modular Medard 70 Ceiling Semi-recessed fittings give a gallery feel, while providing adjustability to suit the multi-use nature of the space.

The stairs are lined with wall-mounted Modular Smart Kup 82 fittings, providing a continuation of the hallway language. Modular Medard 70 Track lights provide focussed illumination to a customdesigned display unit in the main living area, offering 360° adjustability and dimming capabilities. Steel-lined dormer windows to the northern facade flood the interior with natural light, complemented by Modular Mini Multiple Trimless lights discreetly recessed in the gabled ceiling.

A private courtyard separates the master bedroom and ensuite from the main living areas, with a skylight along the southern edge drawing in softened light. A bespoke stained-oak wardrobe extends the length of the room, enhanced by a pairing of Modular Smart Kup 82 lights. At night, the warm illumination of the upper level gives permeability to the otherwise contained architectural form.

Project Team

Architect  Phil Redmond Architecture & Urbanism
Engineer  TM Consultants
Photographer Simon Devitt

84 Park Terrace
84 Park Terrace
84 Park Terrace
84 Park Terrace

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