Curtin University

Project Description

Curtin University’s Executive Education and Engagement Facility transforms a significant heritage building in the heart of Perth into a lively education facility for learning and industry connection. The minimalist lighting design addresses multiple objectives; to enhance the ornate features of the existing architecture, to maximise adjustability and to deliver efficient solutions aligning with the project’s Green Star certification standards.

The expansive gallery room combines formal learning and breakout spaces, with the ability to host functions and industry events. Suspended Modular 2FLAT2C Linear profiles house general, accent and diffuse lighting in a single, refined gesture. The fine profile allows the gabled heritage ceiling to remain focal, while providing subtle enhancement of the double-height volume with Lumino 24w/m Vectorflex uplights. Below, M-LED 111 downlights give dynamic adjustability of lighting levels and scenes to suit the multiple uses of the space.

The desire to showcase the creativity and skill of Curtin Alumni is reflected in the selection and commissioning of bespoke lighting, furniture pieces and textiles. The evolving art collection, curated in partnership with Curtin Gallery, is illuminated by individually dimmed Modular Spektra Track Spots suspended from 3C Tracks. The adjustable zoom lens, ranging from 15° to 55°, provides complete control over the angle and inclination of the fitting. The track allows for lights to be repositioned with ease, while high CRI enhances detail and vibrancy.

Project Team

Designer  Design Theory
Engineer  Stantec
Contractor  Everett Smith & Co
Photographer Dion Robeson

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