LightGraphix are pleased to announce updates to their high-power LED fittings. With immediate effect the E1 LED engine has been replaced with E2, featuring an upgraded CREE LED. The new LED offers the same wide range of beam angles and colours, along with some increase in output and efficiencies.
This update also introduces N1 & F1 LED (COB) engines across a wider selection of the high-power range, enabling higher outputs, the ability to achieve 90+ CRI, as well as a colour temperature of 2200K.
New E2 Engine
  • CREE have discontinued the LED used on our E1 LED engine, this has now been replaced with our E2 engine
  • The E2 engine features a newer CREE LED chip, mounted on our existing copper board
  • The change will have little to no effect on beam angles, LED colours and output. They will still be the same high-performance products our customer love – for technical specifications please refer to our new data sheets.
  • We will keep limited reserves for past or existing projects that may need E1 engine replacements.
New N1 and F1 COB LEDs
  • LightGraphix have introduced more N1 & F1 LED engines to their high-power products which can achieve 90+ CRI
  • N1 (COB) engines are now available on LD155 and LD10238 and offer over 900 delivered lumens
  • The F1 (COB) engine allows LightGraphix to offer an ultra-warm glow of 2200K and are now available on all fittings with the exception of the LD175
LightGraphix Light Engines
New Standard Finishes
  • A new Anthracite Grey (RAL 7016) has been added to surface mounted products as a standard paint finish
  • The LD155 now has a standard ‘Classic Bronze’ (YM262E) paint finish
  • New machined Brass is available across the range, except LD155 and LD175 as standard. Please remember to let customers know, that Brass will naturally form a green patination layer over time.
  • LightGraphix have new imagery of all our finishes, new and existing, that we have not previously promoted in the past. This shows the quality and breadth of options that they offer.
LightGraphix Product Datasheets
Standard Finishes
Surface Mounted
LightGraphix Finishes
Uplights and LD10 Wall Light
LightGraphix Uplight Finishes
LightGraphix LD155 Finishes

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