Acoustic lighting and clever acoustic solutions that foster workplace well-being and adaptability.

Introducing Luxxbox

Modular Lighting & Partners is proud to announce that we have now been appointed as the distributors for Luxxbox Acoustic Lighting across Australia.

Luxxbox is designed and manufactured locally in Queensland and has grown its multi-international award-winning acoustic lighting range. Luxxbox saw a need to re-imagine how open-spaces could be filled. Taking on the challenge of addressing flexibility, sound management and collaboration through design, Luxxbox reinvents workplaces and open spaces into happy, healthy, productive environments.

Acoustic Lighting Whitepaper

The Benefits of Acoustic Lighting
Acoustic lighting is a revolutionary addition to the interior designer’s toolkit. Combining the efective sound absorption of traditional acoustic panels with energy-efficient LED illumination, acoustic lighting is a versatile and streamlined approach to mitigating unwanted environmental noise.
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Feature Product: Vapor Echo

Reduce ambient noise by up to 40% with Luxxbox Acoustic Lights. Made from recycled material, the Vapor Echo Acoustic Light turns open spaces into productive work zones by increasing comfort and concentration. Available in more than 20 different colors and 3 different sizes.
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