Wellness Machine

Project Description

Montario Quarter public artwork.
Public open ground on the Redeveloped Royal Perth Rehabilitation Hospital site.
Selby Street Shenton Park, Western Australia.

The wellness machine is monumental in size but it is not a monument. The artwork integrated the narrative of a ‘wellness’ machine with salvaged universal beams and centre drum of the deconstructed non denominational chapel from the site.

The work of the hospital could keep you alive, but it was up to you to achieve wellness - it celebrates the human spirit.

The area of the wellness machine has an application delivered onto mobile devices via free wifi to play episodes, that include: history of the area, accounts of life at the rehabilitation hospital and the narrative of the wellness machine.

Project Team

Lead Consultant  Urbis
Client  LandCorp Development WA
Artist  Andrew Stumpfel
Media Artist   Sohan Ariel Hayes
Art Consultants   Libby Guj and Marion Fredriksson
Photography   Andrew Stumpfel, Stusha Studio

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