Philips Hue - Domestic to Commercial System
Upgrade Hue from a simple domestic wireless lighting control system to commercial grade.

Chose your wireless system wisely ....There is no open protocol like “wireless Dali” so look at the biggest international brands to help ensure you are not stuck with a white elephant. Philips Hue is built on Zigbee 3.0 - an open smart controls network. Hue is the worlds largest wireless installed base of smart IoT lighting.

It is easy to install and use. It is incredibly clever, simple and cheap.

"Modular Lighting & Partners loves Hue, we have deep experience and a wide installed base of hospitality, residential and commercial installations since 2016."

So how do we change Hue from bulbs and strips to a full system?

Simple …

add a few components that control light fittings via the Hue app.
The Missing Link of Hue

Hue Connect 1-10V

An electronic “switch” that sits at the start of the lighting circuit and turns the 240v on/off at the same time issuing a 1-10v dim signal to the drivers. A typical application is a group of downlights on one circuit, each downlight has a 1-10v driver wired with 2 core control wire.

The Hue Connect 1-10v is seen in the Hue app and gives wireless control of the lighting circuit. Max 300w load or 8 x 1-10v drivers. Can also switch a load eg a 300w halogen pendant. Friends of Hue product.

Hue Connect Dali

The Dali version of the above. The drivers are always powered “on” and the Hue Connect Dali controls the on/off & dim function. Max 8 Dali drivers.

Hue Connect CC Driver

A constant current LED driver with builtin Hue control, wide selectable ampage and voltage range.

* Zigbee 3.0 / Hue compatible

Hue Connect 1-10v is Friend of Hue. Hue Connect Dali & CC Driver are not; so do not have Siri / Home control. All Hue systems require a Hue bridge.

With the three types of Hue Connect we can control 99% of lighting, downlight, profiles, LED strips both standard white and tuneable white with Hue Connect Dali.

To complete the system simply add Hue sensors, dimmer switches and set up your timers.
Frequently Asked Questions
What is the max number of Hue Connects on the Bridge ?

50 units (Lamps, Hue Connects, Hue strip) although we have successfully used up to 60 on a Bridge. Multiple Bridges can be used but in the Hue app you need to select the applicable Bridge. This mainly effects setup. 3rd party apps support multiple Bridges example is iConnect Hue.

Whats control wiring is required from the Hue Connect to the drivers ?

Hue Connect 1-10v 2 core bell wire, Hue Connect Dali 2 core double insulated building wire, Hue Connect CC Driver none, just connect to the fixture.

I already use Hue lamps but I want to control the rest of my lighting with Hue, what do I need ?

Add Hue Connect 1-10v, Dali or CC Driver to your existing lighting, but you may need access for the control wire.

Can I phase dim LEDs via Hue ?

In our opinion phase control of LED should be avoided - see our blog on dimming. The Hue Connect system dims Led's to very low levels without flicker.

Can I dim all the lights including the pool and garden lights ?

The easy answer is yes, there are some exceptions.

Can I buy the Hue Connect 1-10v, Dali and CC Drivers even if I don’t get my fixtures from Modular ?

Yes, although we are happy to supply our fixtures as well.

Can I use Hue Connect for commercial installations ?

Yes, we have used Hue in Boardrooms, offices, supermarkets, bars and restaurants. It is a very flexible system.

Can I control the lights with voice ?

Yes, the Hue Hue Connect 1-10v and Hue app supports Siri, Alexa and Google

Can I control the lights outside my premisses ?

Yes, the Hue bridge provides your remote access

Do I still need switches ?

It is possible to have a complete installation without switches, after all that’s the point. If the Hue Connect ever needs resetting this can be done at the circuit breaker. If I built a new house today I would not have switches. If you want switches, install standard switches for each circuit.

Where can I buy the Hue products ?

The Bridge, Sensors and Dimmers are consumer supplied available from Australian & NZ retailers like JB-HI, Bunnings and online suppliers. The Hue Connect products are supplied by Modular Lighting & Partners, please ask for a quote.

Is Hue the same as Casambi ?

No. Casambi is widely used excellent wireless lighting control system aimed at professional installations. It is based on Bluetooth and very scaleable for very large projects. More complex and may require an integrator. Casambi is a company, the system is not “open” so you can only use Casambi, other Bluetooth lighting control systems are not compatible. It is considerably more expensive than Hue. Modular Lighting & Partners can supply Casambi with their fixtures but we recommend you also consider Hue Connect before making your selection.

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