Southern Cross Austereo

Project Description

From the front reception, Austereo’s vibrant culture is reflected through an uplifting and authentic interior, complemented by discreet architectural lighting. Modular SLD50 Poly extrusions are seamlessly rebated in the ceiling, giving a striking banded effect. At just 50mm wide and with a trim-less profile, the fittings give a purposeful and streamlined effect while offering excellent colour rendition and low glare.

Interchangeable hub spaces cater for the team's social activities, with various breakout settings encouraging staff to move between work points to best suit their needs. K120 Adjustable downlights provide focussed illumination to each area. The large diameter offers high lumen output to suit large spaces, while the 45° inclination ensures precise directionality.

Surface-mounted Modular SLD50 Poly extrusions give a directional, graphic quality to key collaboration areas while allowing services to be set in to the ceiling above, while Modular Glareless 100 Wall Washers enhance surfaces for team workshopping. Operable walls to the boardroom allow the space to be opened up for corporate events and music gigs. Modular SLD50 Poly extrusions are thoughtfully integrated within the CSR OWA Opus acoustic ceiling, providing highperformance, controllable lighting to suit any use.

Project Team

Designer  Cradle Design
Contractor Brolec
Builder DEVKON  
Photographer Gallant Lee

SCA Melbourne
SCA Melbourne
SCA Melbourne

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